A strong woman is usually lonely: 8 reasons behind this

A woman who chooses to be true to herself usually pays a heavy price. 8 reasons why people are intimidated by a strong woman who chooses to be true to herself and live life on her

A strong woman learns early in life that she has to make a choice. To live a life that pleases everyone, triggers no one, and earns her a badge of the “nice woman” and live a life of quiet desperation, OR choose to live an authentic life.

A life that is led by her conscience, one that doesn’t care to fit into any standard ideas of success or perfection, and be criticized for choosing to be true to herself.

It isn’t an easy choice. But the difference between an average woman and one that chooses to be strong and authentic is this one choice. The costs, though, are pretty heavy to pay.

If you are a strong woman, you are likely to feel lonely. Here’s why:

  1. You cannot go against your conscience

Every step you take is driven from within. Whether it is the people n you choose to hang out with, the way you live your life, or the kind of work you do, you do not engage in anything that goes against your values.

  1. You don’t care to play by the rules

Following the inner voice requires you to rebel against any false standards put on you. The fact that you are fearless about consequences often makes you immune to others’ opinions. This can make people feel they have no control over you. And they aren’t always hanging out with people who defy their authority without any noise or clamor.

  1. You hate pretentious and phony people

You say what you mean and have no hidden agenda behind your actions. This makes you detest people who are phony. Hypocrites will be mildly wary of getting too close to you because your honesty will mock the lies and masks they indulge in.

  1. You give but expect nothing in return

This one factor tends to alienate you from others, but not always in a healthy way. A strong woman often gives from her heart, but if you are the kind who is fiercely independent and don’t show your vulnerability to others, you might be the one to always give and never receive anything in return.

  1. Your intensity scares them

A strong woman is unafraid to own her emotions. She is passionate, emotional, and open to being moved by things and people that matter to her. She lends her voice and stands up for causes she believes in. This can make the silent observers and passive folks uncomfortable. So keep distance to continue to live a comfortable life of oblivion.

  1. You are either all in or out

You either commit 100% or stay out of things completely. You hate mediocrity and luke-warm passion. This kind of commitment and equally high expectations can make people rethink their own efforts. But unlike what people assume, it isn’t the small things you obsess over, your focus is always on the bigger picture and the long term.

  1. You don’t ask, demand, or pine for attention

You never seek the limelight. This makes you extremely endearing yet dangerous for those who live for fame or approval from others. Because you don’t wait for others to approve of you, you don’t need their permission to be happy either. This can trigger jealousy or envy from others.

  1. You let your heart lead even if it hurts

While people judge events and others as right or wrong and good or bad, you always look for the context. You believe everyone is a product of their circumstance. While you are not afraid to defend yourself and others, you do not judge immediately. This can make you appear as cold or heartless, but your own pain has taught you that people are much more than what they appear to be.

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