The crazy side of your girlfriend according to her zodiac sign

Do you sometimes pump your brakes and think how your girlfriend is crazy, but you don’t know why? Well, that’s probably because of her zodiac sign.

The thing is that every girl, according to her Zodiac sign, will have a different character and nature. If you want to find out what your girlfriend is like, we will reveal the real truth.

So stay tuned!

  1. Aries
    If your girl is born in this zodiac sign, you can be pretty sure that she will always be the loudest girl in the room. She is all over the place and she feels good in her skin. Sometimes, she can act as a ‘drama queen’ but she is doing that just to get the attention she needs.

She is fearful, confident and doesn’t respect any rules. If you make her mad, she will do everything to get revenge. It can be troublesome to live with her but when you take all the pros and cons you will realize she is worth it!

  1. Taurus
    She is a freaking control freak. Everything has to be done by her rules or she will lose her temper and take your head off. If you have a good job, she will be jealous and it won’t be a problem to complain about that.

When you encounter a problem in your relationship, you will always be the guilty one because she is too perfect to be responsible for your problems. I suggest that you take care of your things because you could stay without all your clothes once this girl takes some scissors and gets into your closed.

  1. Gemini
    If you date a Gemini girl, you are probably head over heels in love with her sweet talk and her kindness. A girl like this can win you over by just talking to you.

A Gemini girl will try to keep things in your relationship fun and cheerful but you better watch out because things can get completely out of control in a blink of an eye.

  1. Cancer
    If you are with a Cancer I suggest you start going to a therapy because she will drive you crazy. This is the most emotional among all the zodiac signs and she will literally cry over everything. She is like a woman in a PMS 24/7, 365 days in a year.

The catch is she always thinks that people don’t like her, but it is just because she perceives things in the wrong way. Don’t you dare go out with the guys because she will be depressed for the rest of the week. So ,I ask you, can you handle this?

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  1. Leo
    ‘I am better than you is her life motto. If you are dating this kind of girl, be prepared for public fights,crocodile tears and histery and blaming you for the things you did and the ones you didn’t do.

She believes she is the queen of the jungle and she will act like that. And if it ever crosses your mind to tell her to calm down, you will see her real face.

Your main task when being with her is to tell her that she is perfect and that you were so damn lucky to meet her.

  1. Virgo
    The Virgo woman will complain all the time. If you are dating this kind of a girl, be prepared for constant complaining—all the way from your sex life to how you drive your car. She is a big perfectionist and that is what drains all the energy out of you.

Don’t you ever dare to walk inside your living room with your shoes on because she is going to freak out about that. Your house needs to smell like a pharmacy if she is going to live there. So, adjust to her rules or hit the road!

  1. Libra
    A Libra girl is all about manipulating. When you meet her, she will be so sweet and easygoing but as you are stepping deeper into your relationship, she will show her real face—the face of a psycho.

She can hold debates about some stupid things and no matter if you tell her not to sweat the small stuff, she won’t listen to you.

She is someone who can drive you crazy in the blink of an eye but to calm you down like nothing happened as well.

  1. Scorpio
    This woman knows the game and she plays it perfectly. TShe is someone who likes revenge so if you do some harm to her she will make sure that you suffer. A lot. With no breaks. So whatever you do, don’t piss her off because she is someone you don’t want to mess up with.
  2. Sagittarius
    A woman born under this zodiac sign will cheat you over and over again without remorse. She is a very good actress and it won’t be a mission impossible for her to convince you that you are having the time of your life while sticking to her.

The catch is, she will be having fun with other guys as well. But she will make sure that you never find out. If your girl is a Sagittarius, you need to keep an eye on her. Otherwise, she will just fade away with the first guy on a motorcycle.

  1. Capricorn
    This is a girl with very high goals and nobody can stop her from achieving them. Not even you. Especially not you. She is totally crazy but you will never know that. This is the kind of girl that will pretend to be all classy in front of your parents but she will be a firecracker in the bedroom.

When you pump your brakes and ask yourself what is wrong with her, you will never be able to think of anything smart. But the real truth she is with you is because of your status, and all those diamonds you can afford to buy. So, you better think twice if you are going to put a ring on her!

  1. Aquarius
    She is all sweet and charming and that’s what attracted you the second you saw her. She is emotionally unavailable and doesn’t know how to approach to people. In fact, she doesn’t have any friends, just some acquaintances that she doesn’t care about so much.

She is a cheapskate in the bedroom so you will be the one doing all the work. She doesn’t know how to make you feel better because she is so egocentric and selfish. Once her weirdness comes to the surface, you will wish to get the hell out of that relationship.

  1. Pisces
    Drugs, sex, and rock ’n’ roll’ is her motto. Pisces women are mostly known for living on the edge. She is someone who will flirt with the guys but who will tell you that you should have eyes for her only.

She is someone who solves her problems by using alcohol so don’t be surprised to see her drunk every time you two fight about something. You will always be guilty for all her problems and she will never admit that she was the guilty one.

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