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Travel & Explore Europe part 3

Every year many people flock to Europe to enjoy the majesty and to explore this wonderful holiday destination. The beautiful
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 2

Europe is a place of endless discoveries, perfect for group adventure and solitary walks, ideal for exploration and travel. It
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 1

Travelling through Europe is like travelling through a plethora of adventures, every country you come has its own unique food,



The Roman Guy: An Insider’s View of Italy

In 2008, Sean P. Finelli left behind his Wall Street career to move to Rome, where he soon became a

Top 5 reasons to holiday in Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination visited every year by millions of holidaymaker who come to explore the country’s heritage

9 amazing aurora adventures for the Arctic winter

The Arctic winter (Oct-Mar) means not only the best time to go northern lights-hunting, but also exploring wild seas, tundra
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Discovering the Cíes Islands, Galicia: Spain’s secret paradise

With the flight being just over two hours from London, Galicia felt no distance at all, yet the landscape,
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Italian Touch in Slovenia. You’ll Fall in Love With Piran.

You feel like you’re in Italy but you’re not there. In reality you are in a different country that has
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The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad

Christmas abroad often means missing friends and family. But it also means the sunshine, adventure, parties, beaches and weird local
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Easy Riders: Taxis and Ride-Sharing in Europe

I’ve long felt that taxis are underrated, scenic time savers that can zip you effortlessly from one sight to
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10 Best Places to Visit in Estonia

Located in Northern Europe, Estonia is a largely underrated gem. In addition to being affordable for travelers, Estonia boasts medieval

How to Discover Paris in Three Days without Missing the most Important Sights

Paris is not among the cheapest cities in Europe. Even holidaying there we can spend a not inconsiderable amount of


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Top 10 Women Hiking Shoes for 2018

Top 10 Women Hiking Shoes for 2018 Are you a regular hiker? Do you spend both the time and money
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Top 5 Portable Water Filters

Top 5 Portable Water Filters Travelling can be a lot of fun, but it can also turn dreadful when there
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Top 10 Pieces of Equipment for Traveling in Winter

Top 10 Pieces of Equipment for Traveling in Winter We all need certain items to take with us when we
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5 Top Travel Pillows for Camping

5 Top Travel Pillows for Camping Normally, traveling around the world is enjoyable no matter what accessories you bring or