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This is a perfect place for everyone who is looking for hidden gems in Europe. We tend to discover different places and post articles and images of charming villages, magical towns, and beautiful natural surroundings.

Our main goal is informing about stunningly beautiful and authentic locations in Europe. Our philosophy is to respect and preserve the heritage left to us, so we do not tend to invite crowds to march into old villages and occupy them.

All we want is to share experiences and to show various alternative places beyond big city hotels and crowded museums, so everyone can enjoy the premium beauty of Europe.

We will show you amazing and authentic places in Europe which you can rarely see in classic tourist guides and are not to be missed. Discover the hidden gems of authentic villages, magical towns, and amazing natural surroundings in Europe.

Everyone who appreciates a quick escape from crowded cities and getting away from bustling crowds and city noises will find these destinations interesting and worth seeing. Everyone in need of tranquility and romance or good and healthy food will be amazed by the places suggested here. Everyone who travels by bike, and use traveling as a sport as well, will be blown away with authentic areas for rock climbing and stunning bike routes.

Everyone who wants to experience authenticity and hospitality which you just won`t find in busy capitals will love this site. And of course, there is music and culture. We offer a variety of local musical treats, small theater performances, and events in the open. Because this is traveling – it is made for connecting people.

All in all, it is the perfect choice for travelers looking for going off the beaten path. Europe is a very colorful place intertwined with various cultures, religions, languages, and nations. Each one of them has built a perfect setting according to the place it`s in and heritage their ancestors left them.

Despite Europe’s small territory, the fact that every country is so completely different is the reason you never get bored exploring it. We live in Slovenia and have visited all sorts of places in Europe, both holiday locations and non-holiday ones, and everything is so totally different. France is very different from Germany, which is very different from Poland which is very different from Belgium which is very different from the UK. The buildings, the shops, the countryside, the people, the languages, the food, the music… everything is unique in Europe.

All the places you read about here will give you a real sense of Europe, depending on which country, or several countries you choose to explore.

If you are already visiting Europe and seeing some conventional places, remember that there are always even more amazing alternatives to it, so do not be afraid to explore. If you want to get a greater sense of this, it would be a shame to visit only the well-known tourist spots.


The real magic happens elsewhere.




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