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Andorra’s Nativity Scenes and New Year’s Celebrations

It seems to me that Europe can be divided between the Christmas tree countries and those that favour the pessebre,

7 reasons why Austria’s top ski destinations are even better in summer

Think Austria’s only good for polishing up your off-piste skills and sporting your best salopettes? Think again. Here’s why Austria

A Thought about Choosing Your Accommodation

Consider this scenario. It used to happen most years when Johanna guided private clients, often from the USA. These lovely
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Getting Around Italy: Transportation Tip

A key part of planning your Italian vacation is deciding how you are going to get to Italy and, even
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 1

Travelling through Europe is like travelling through a plethora of adventures, every country you come has its own unique food,

Marvels Beyond Madrid: Four Easy Day Trips

When you visit Madrid, take a vacation from your vacation with some side-trips that help illuminate Spain’s rich history. Four

Cathedrals, Vikings, and Castles: A Perfect Day Trip from Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, my favorite day trip is easy, convenient, and hits a trio of sights that are different from anything
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The 5 Top Travel Duffel Bags this Season

The 5 Top Travel Duffel Bags this Season : Meet the Perfect Travel Partner The travel time can happen at
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Europe’s 5 most epic cycling climbs

Cyclist and photographer Michael Blann shares his top 5 epic cycling climbs in Europe – and his incredible photos 1:
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Fox reveals Eight Unique Spaces in Croatia

Croatia has a lot of architectural talent. For the upcoming European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, no less than eight

Finding Foodie Bliss in Lisbon

Just as I was an expert picnicker as a young backpacker, I’m now an older backpacker — who is packing
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 2

Europe is a place of endless discoveries, perfect for group adventure and solitary walks, ideal for exploration and travel. It

How to get the best out of five days in Iceland in winter

Going to Iceland has been on my wish list for years – I was enticed by the otherworldly landscapes, the
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Indie Trips that Include Italy

Indie Trips that Include Italy.Lots of travelers plan backpacking trips around Europe, utilizing the Eurail and various low-cost airlines to
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Nine Ways to Save on Summer Flights to Europe

Dreaming of a summer trip to Europe? If so, here’s the bad news: So is everyone else. Thanks to warm