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The Reverse Culture Shock After Leaving Croatia

The Reverse Culture Shock After Leaving Croatia croatiaweek 3 days ago Latest

By Alexandra Schmidt
I never realized how much living in Croatia changed me until I left. I lived in Croatia for about a year in total, first studying abroad in Dubrovnik, and then coming back to stay with my Croatian boyfriend.
But it seems every time I leave, I take a bigger part of Croatia with me, which has led to a collision between American and Croatian culture. To say that I’ve experienced reverse culture shock would be an understatement.
The Midwest is “home” for me in the United States, as I have roots both in Chicago and Minnesota. Of course the brashest culture shock was the sub-zero temperatures.
It was like my body lost all immunity to brave the frigid air, despite living in one of the coldest places in the United States for 18 years. I longed for the “cold” on the Adriatic coast. Croatia’s “Jugo” wind is pretty laughable compared to the Windy City.
It was also a stra..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

10 Things We Wish Croatians Knew About Foreigners

10 Things We Wish Croatians Knew About Foreigners croatiaweek 1 day ago Latest

By Frances Vidakovic
When I lived in Croatia, I found some locals held quite inaccurate assumptions about foreigners (defined here as any person born and living outside the country).
While I am grateful it was not everyone – so many people wholeheartedly accepted my innate foreignness – there were plenty who were nonetheless quick to make judgments before accumulating all the facts.
To those people – and only those – I share this list of 10 things many outsiders wished Croatians knew about foreign visitors to their country.
Honestly we wish it did grow on trees. If that was the case we would spend every day filling up our pockets with gold and coming over to Croatia every year without fail, to stay in our palatial seaside holiday home and share our riches with you. But alas, earning money in foreign countries is not always as easy as it seem..

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8 Places to Eat Great Ćevapčići in Zagreb

8 Places to Eat Great Ćevapčići in Zagreb croatiaweek 2 days ago Food
(photo: kitchen and grill plac) Ćevapčići – the best way to experience the Balkans. This well-known grilled dish is unavoidable while travelling around this part of Europe, but you never know what you’ll get. Simple, but not as simple as it seems. Every chef has his own secret. Here are only some of the places in Zagreb to try great ćevapi.
1. LABUS or KOD SRBINA (photo: One of the spots to try the best of the best is a well-known Bistro MZ in Ravnice and Mitnica on the west side of the city, Črnomerec. Oriented on a national cuisine, this restaurant is always on the top of the lists for the best ćevapi and pljeskavice in town.
Address: Aleja Antuna Augustinčića 8
Conveniently located near the main cinema Cinestar in town, M & S is a relatively new addition in town. They are quickly developing a reputation for their ćevapi which are succu..

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5 Magnificent Historical Fortresses to Visit in Croatia

5 Magnificent Historical Fortresses to Visit in Croatia croatiaweek 8 hours ago Latest

For tourists who love a bit of history, Croatia has plenty to offer in this department. With so much history connected to them, the nation’s fortresses are definitely impressive.
Here is a selection of 5 fortresses on the Dalmatian coast, built to keep enemies out, we have picked which are worth checking out.
1. Klis Fortress Klis Fortress (photo credit: Ballota under CC) Klis is a mountain located northeast of Split and separates the mountains Mosor and Kozjak. When the Ottoman wars were raging through Europe the ancient Illyrian stronghold was expanded into Klis Fortress. This two thousand years old medieval fortress served as a defense spot in Dalmatia.
It was also the seat for many Croatian kings and dukes, from the 9th century Duke Mislav, under the reign of Duke Trpimir to the first Croatian king, Tomislav. It was later ruled by the famous Šubić family. The fortress i..

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