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Hidden Places Of Europe

Travel & Explore Europe part 3

Every year many people flock to Europe to enjoy the majesty and to explore this wonderful holiday destination. The beautiful mountains and hill peaks, European cuisines, farm yards, road side taverns and architectural beauty of the monuments of Europe hold something which attracts people from all over the world. You can visit some of the […]

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Travel & Explore Europe Part 2

Europe is a place of endless discoveries, perfect for group adventure and solitary walks, ideal for exploration and travel. It is the place where you feel connection and love for nature and life as its beauty slowly reveals before your eyes. If you want to be taken in a magical place, in quaint and small […]

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Travel & Explore Europe Part 1

Travelling through Europe is like travelling through a plethora of adventures, every country you come has its own unique food, language, culture and even though some of the countries are small and you can travel through it in just 6 hours by car, it is a country with its own unique form of life. If […]

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Which Travel Clothes Are Worth the Money?

If all you knew about traveling was what you saw on dedicated travel gear sites such as or, you might think that you could never take a trip without a wardrobe purpose-built for globetrotting. Think shirts and pants made out of wrinkle-free, waterproof, bug-repellent, UV-protective microfibers, equipped with dozens of hidden thief-proof pockets. But do you really need to buy expensive, specialized travel clothes just to explore the world?
For those of you who'd rather wear the clothes you already have instead of blowing half your travel budget on a new wardrobe before every trip, there's hope. We took a look at some of the most common types of travel clothes to determine whether they're actually worth the money.
Commonly produced by outdoor outfitters, these pants, shirts, jackets and boots are meant to protect you from damp weather.
Worth It? If you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors in a changeable climate (think kayaking in New..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Best Hidden Beaches around Europe

Top Hidden Beaches in Europe Best Hidden Beaches around Europe Date 11.07.2016 Article in pdf Beaches are one of the most popular vacation spots for most people, where they can enjoy the warmth of the sun, the soft feel of sand under their feet and the relaxing waters of the sea.
Europe, being one of the top travel destinations in the world, boasts of several beaches that range from bay sheltered between cliffs to long stretches of open sandy beaches. However, most of these beaches are found near tall buildings and tend to receive a lot of tourists, which spoils their tranquility.
Fortunately, there are still a few hidden gems that are yet to be spoiled. Below is a look at some of the top beaches in Europe where you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Pori Beach on Koufonisia Island
Pori is located on Koufonisia, a Greek island that is part of the famous Cyclades group of islands. It is one of the least inhabited islands in Greece, with the upper part of t..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

The world’s 7 most unusual Christmas markets

Whether they involve floating on rivers, shooting arrows at patron’s bums or celebrating a strange, defecating log, these markets offer a unique and fun alternative to the traditional Christmas market experience 1: Floating Christmas Market, Vilshofen, Germany The floating Christmas markets in Vilshofen (Tourist-Information Passauer Land) Every Christmas, the Danube promenade in Vilshofen is home […]

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Hidden Places Of Europe

10 spectacular waterfalls you’ve probably never heard of

10 spectacular waterfalls you’ve probably never heard of 29th December 2016
They might not have big time name recognition like Niagara or Victoria Falls, but these stunning waterfalls still deliver the wow factor – and without the crowds
1: Hardraw Force, Yorkshire, UK
Harddraw Force. Naked Robin Hood not shown. (Dreamstime)
Hardraw Force is a waterfall on the Hardraw Beck in Hardraw Scar, a wooded ravine just outside the hamlet of Hardraw in the Yorkshire Dales.
It's the largest single drop waterfall in the UK, and is reached by walking through the Green Dragon, a country inn dating from the 13th Century.
Hardraw Force also featured in Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves, in a scene where Maid Marian spies Robin bathing underneath it.

2: Multnomah Falls, Oregon, USA
Multnomah Falls. In the Fall. (Dreamstime)
Multnomah Falls is a waterfall on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge that flows all year and drops over two tiers.
For a fully immersiv..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad

The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad Christmas abroad often means missing friends and family. But it also means sunshine, adventure, parties, beaches and weird local customs. Here's the ultimate guide to surviving and thriving on your overseas Christmas…

Be generous with your photos
Longtail boats in Thailand's Trang islands (Graeme Green)
People at home always love to see what a good time their friends or loved ones are having overseas. There’s almost nothing your friends and family will like more, as they’re killing time before the Queen’s speech in a turkey-and-stuffing-and-alcohol stupor, than seeing photos of you having the time of your life surfing on a Balinese beach, scuba diving in Australia or kicking back with a cocktail in the Caribbean.
It doesn’t matter that they’re toughing it out in wintry weather – they can join you 'in spirit' and share the happiness of your sun-baked Christmas adventure.
Be generous with your photos. Send ema..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

The Healing Power of travel

We talk a lot on this site about how to travel, where to travel and when to travel, but we don't often talk about why we travel — which just might be the most important question of all.
Many of us rely on travel to provide something we find missing otherwise — novelty, thrills, uncertainty, adventure. But many of us are also shoring up some part of ourselves that needs a bit of mending.
Travel offers numerous healing powers that are always available to us and can take many forms. Below we take a look at a few of them.
Travel has a long history as a source of physical recuperation and healing, and if this history is sometimes confounding — for example, Atlantic City was hawked as a health spa and medical retreat in its early days — it is not altogether specious.
For inhabitants of major cities a century or so ago, a trip to the ocean meant escaping densely populated, smoke-filled and frequently unsanitary conditions in exchange for air fresh off the open ocean. It's no..

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