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Fox reveals top Castles of Greece

Top Castles of Greece Greece may not be the first destination that springs to mind when castles are mentioned, but the country is dotted with historical fortifications great and small. Here are some of the most evocative…
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Mainland Greece Methóni, Peloponnese (Tues-Sun all year 8am-3pm)
This 13th-century Venetian castle defended trade and pilgrimage routes to the Holy Land. The circuit walls, Ottoman modified after the fifteenth century, mostly stand; in 1828 the French bridged the landward moat. A thriving town existed inside until the 1840s, but today little remains visible. Methóni's drama lies in its setting with the sea on three sides, and the photogenic, isolated Boúrtzi tower, accessed by an often wave-lashed causeway – an inadvisable crossing in stormy weather.
Acrocorinth, Peloponnese (daily summer 8am-7pm; winter Tues-Sun 8.30am-3pm)
This massive pinnacle has been fortified since antiquity,since it controlled overland access to the Pelop..

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