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8 things that made me fall in love with Palermo, Sicily

Europe 8 things that made me fall in love with Palermo, Sicily Scott Balaam / 7 February 34SHARESShareTweetGoogle+Pin ItStumbleBufferPalermo is the capital of the Italian island of Sicily, which sits nestled in the glistening Mediterranean just off the “toe” of Italy’s “boot.” Palermo itself is home to Byzantine mosaics, frescoed cupolas, Arabesque domes, Italy’s biggest opera house and an increasing number of new-school eateries and bars. Flamboyant and feisty, up-and-coming yet still remaining under most tourist’s radars, Palermo is the place to head to for an authentic slice of Sicilian life. Our writer Scott and his wife visited a few months ago.
When we originally planned our trip to Palermo we originally planned to just to use it as a base for exploring the rest of the island, mainly Mount Etna, Catania and some other cities located on the island. Although during our trip we fell in love Sicily’s capital and actually remained there throughout our entire stay. We’ve even pencilled..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Top 5 secret (and best!) experiences in Rome

Taking a scenic stroll to the Pope’s Summer residence, viewing Rome from the Colosseum’s upper rings, visiting Vatican Museum’s many secret rooms, preparing seasonal dishes from a Roman farm house…Even in Rome, one of the world’s oldest touristic cities, there are still genuine experiences known to only a few. Many foreign tourists ask me the […]
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Hidden Places Of Europe

Fox reveals places to Visit in Italy

If you think Italy can be constrained to the “golden triangle” created by Venice, Florence, and Rome, think again. From its northernmost border regions that are practically Austrian to the deep south, landscape, architecture, and tradition change drastically, offering the experienced visitor enough variety to keep traveling in Italy for a lifetime.
Here are ten places in Italy that are truly “off the beaten track.”
Friuli: Pordenone and San Daniele The Friuli region borders with Austria to its north and Slovenia to the East. Its full name is Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and it’s an autonomous region with special statute that recognizes its unique history and geography. This unforgiving mountainous terrain alternates with plains, is criss-crossed with rivers, and was dominated for most of the early modern period by Austria, which left a distinctly foreign and well-organized imprint on the area. Throughout the Renaissance, while central Italy and Venice developed that consistent artistic styl..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

10 delicious things to eat in Florence

Italy is a nation of discerning food lovers who really care about the provenance of what they eat, making it heaven to visit for foodies. But since Florence is such a tourist hotspot, I was slightly worried that during my long weekend with Citalia, I’d only find unremarkable, dumbed down versions of Italian food. In fact it […]

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Hidden Places Of Europe

What to Expect from Italian Hotel Rooms

People traveling to Italy from another country are usually aware they have to prepare themselves for a few differences – different language, different currency, etc. Hotel rooms, on the other hand, are cookie-cutter boxes that are the same everywhere – right?
It’s not about better or worse, it’s about knowing what to expect when you check into a hotel in Italy. Even if you’re staying in hotels that are part of chains you recognize – Hilton, Best Western, Marriott – the rooms are likely to be more Italian and less chain-like. Comparing your Italian hotel room with a room in another country isn’t going to get you very far, so instead, here are a few tips about what to expect from Italian hotels so that you don’t have any unwelcome surprises.
Smaller Rooms
In historic city centers, the buildings have been there much longer than the hotels – so any hotel occupying an historic building has limitations to what they can do to the structure, even on the inside. Many of the historic ..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Indie Trips that Include Italy

Lots of travelers plan backpacking trips around Europe, utilizing the Eurail and various low cost airlines to get around. But there are plenty of other travelers who are planning even longer, round the world type trips, and want to add Italy and other destinations around Europe to the itinerary.
For longer trips, it’s smart to use companies who sell multi-stop plane tickets. BootsnAll has Indie, which allows you to search, price, and buy all online, within minutes.
We chose three longer trips that include Italy in the plan. Keep in mind that with any of the trips below, you can completely customize to make your own, even the departure city! Simply register for a (free) account, change any destinations and dates around, click “search fares,” and instantly get a price. If you like any of the prices and trips you see, you can purchase them – all online.
DOWNLOAD OUR TRAVEL GUIDES FOR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW This round the world trip originates in New York City before going to Morocco, Rome,..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

A Day In Rome – What To Eat

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Italy’s capital is, historically and architecturally, one of the most impressive places I’ve visited. Walking in and around the Colosseum and the forum was a major highlight and the rest of the must see sights are easy to explore by foot. The web of lanes and roads is like working your way through a maze except instead of trying to get yourself to one spot in the middle, every turn surprises you with jaw dropping piazzas, enormous statues, and stunning views of the iconic Roman skyline set against colorful skies.

All that sightseeing is bound to work up an appetite. Luckily, another main reason tourists flock to Rome is for the food!
EATING IN ROME Simply being in Rome doesn’t guarantee fine dining. Not every restaurant is going to be high quality and fast food is fast food no matter where you go. Not only did I want to get the best food in Rome but I also wanted to know what ..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

How to spend a perfect weekend in Florence

How to spend a perfect weekend in Florence November 26, 2016 by Heather Cowper

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While the summer may be over, autumn can bring clear, sunny days in Italy. Just the time for me to nip off to Florence for a weekend break with Citalia, to get a quick fix of culture and good food. My challenge was to strike the right balance between seeing the sights (and there are plenty!) while taking the time to soak up the atmosphere and charm of this ancient city set in the heart of Tuscany. Read on to discover how I spent my 48 hours in Florence.

Arriving Friday lunchtime Flying from London City Airport direct to Florence, I arrived at lunchtime to be whisked away by private taxi transfer, arranged through Citalia. Driving through the narrow streets, we arrived in 30 minutes at Hotel Balestri, where I was to stay for the next 2 nights. The hotel was well located by the river, close to..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Fox reveals 10 incredible volcanoes that are great to climb

Travel's Biggest Bang: 10 incredible volcanoes that are great to climb 17th February 2017
Ever wanted to know what it's like to hike up a volcano and peer into its crater? Wonder no longer. These ten behemoths offer all that excitement and some are easier to scale than you think …
1: Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland Walking on top of Eyjafjallajokull (Shutterstock)
Eyjafjallajokull caused thousands of flight delays when it erupted in 2010, so it may not sit happily in many people's memories. Today, however, it offers a spectacular hike across an Icelandic ice cap.
Take some time to admire the Skógafoss waterfall, a thundering cascade, at the base of Eyjafjallajokull. Before long, you'll be trudging through snow and ash, past glacier streams and the site of the 2010 eruption.
This hike takes between 8-10 hours and puts you in an ideal position to spot some of Iceland's most spectacular sites, ncluding glaciers, canyons and mountain valleys. Upon reaching the ..

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