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Short break: Vilnius, Lithuania

Short break: Vilnius, Lithuania Historic streets and cool café terraces, boutique hotels and hot-air balloon rides, tasty patisseries and fairytale castles – is the Lithuanian capital the perfect city break, wonders Lyn Hughes
Where: South-east Lithuania
Why: Old Town treasures, lovely lakes, Soviet relics and balloon rides
When: Spring and autumn, for fine weather and fewer people
The burners gave a gentle roar and the hot-air balloon rose slowly from the tiny green park in central Vilnius, just a short walk from my hotel. Lithuanians, I’d discovered thus far on my visit, are proud of two things: that they’re good at basketball and that they’re good at ballooning (indeed, the country is said to have the highest balloon ownership per capita in the world). Furthermore, Vilnius is one of the few capitals on the planet that you can actually balloon over – and I was taking full advantage.
As we hovered over them at 6.30am, the streets of the medieval Old Town were quiet. The twisting a..

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