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Short break in Luxembourg City

Short break in Luxembourg City As Luxembourg celebrates 200 years of its Grand Duchy status in 2015, Hazel Plush finds there’s more to its capital than first meets the eye…
Luxembourg City is full of surprises. As you trundle into its centre on the airport transfer bus, the dizzying views of the Alzette River gorge – flanked by spiky-spired houses and battle-worn 17th-century ramparts – make a striking first impression. Who knew this nation, often accused of being boring, had such propensity for drama?
Luxembourg City first served as a fortress – although it was unable to defend itself against foreign powers for hundreds of years. It was controlled by various Spanish, French, Austrian and Prussian armies from the 15th century, with that imposing river gorge serving as a natural barricade. It was declared a Grand Duchy – a territory ruled by a Grand Duke or Duchess – in 1815 while under Dutch rule, but it wasn’t fully liberated until King William III died in 1890.

Houses by the A..

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