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Searching for wildlife in Macedonia’s national parks

Ghosts of the forest: searching for wildlife in Macedonia’s national parks Bears, lynx and wild boar await intrepid visitors to the mountainous forests of travel’s newest hotspot: the national parks of Macedonia
Even in the soft light of dawn, it was impossible to miss the huge imprint in the damp earth. “I reckon that’s a size 44 shoe!” smiled Gorki.
The park rangers confirmed the track was that of a very large male bear, and fresh… very fresh.
We were following a river trail through a narrow valley, with thick, dark forest on our right, while the rising sun revealed a mix of trees, open grassland and rocks on the high slopes opposite. We’d left our hotel at 4am to get here early in the hope of seeing one of Mavrovo National Park’s ursine residents.

Bear tracks (Simon Chubb)
Ranger Trpe explained that there were about ten bears in this valley, maybe more, and this was the time of year – April/May – when they give birth. They are true omnivores, eating roots, honey and bees, a..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Short break in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Short break in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia Whisper it quietly: one of the world’s oldest lakes has become Europe’s latest secret escape, packed with mountains, history and magic, says Lyn Hughes
Whether knowingly or unknowingly, if you have ever seen an image of the Republic of Macedonia, it will almost certainly be of the cute little church of St Jovan Kaneo, perched on a clifftop with the cerulean shimmer of Lake Ohrid twinkling behind it. And yet relatively few find their way to these ancient waters.
Lake Ohrid (“Ok-rid”) is one of the oldest lakes in the world, almost certainly the oldest in Europe, and among the deepest too. Not surprisingly, it has a rich history and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with the jewel that is Ohrid town. Here you will find churches galore (it is believed that Ohrid once had 365, one for every day of the year) as well as a medieval fortress, a Roman theatre, Ottoman architecture and fine cobbled streets.
Around the lake, a Bronze Age stilted villa..

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