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5 ways to experience Amsterdam like a local

Save money. Do more. Dutch author Anja de Jager reveals how to avoid the tourists and experience her home city, Amsterdam, like a local. (photo credit) 1: Take to the water Amsterdam is all about the water and some of the best views can be had from the canals. That’s why the roundtrips on the […]

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Amsterdam for kids (or big kids at heart)

Since I don’t have kids, the opportunities to explore what Amsterdam has to offer for little ones was few and far between. However, that all changed when my sister visited with my 2-year-old niece. I did my research, and found the best things to do in Amsterdam for kids.
Het Weste Woesten: This was by far the best place we went to – it’s essentially an outdoor play area for kids. You can learn how to make fire (though they only give instruction in Dutch), fish, go on the swings and explore this outdoor playground. My niece loved it and we whiled away the afternoon there in the sun.

Micropia: This is perfect for slightly older kids (I think it would be lost on anyone under the age of about 7). It’s an exhibition on microbes, and it’s totally fascinating. My favourite thing about it was the scanner which told you exactly how many microbes you had on your body. You could even look at microbes under a microscope. I wished I could have stayed for longer to explore.

The resistance museu..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

7 tricks to make your travel to Amsterdam on a budget

7 tricks to make your travel to Amsterdam on a budget 0 By Nina Travels on February 15, 2017 Continents / Countries, Europe, Holland Amsterdam is a magnet for lots of travelers because of its funky vibe, mixed with diversity, history, water canals and alternative scene. But as soon as you get more into planning, you realized that traveling to Amsterdam might not be as cheap as you first imagined.
Wonder around the streets to get the real feel for Amsterdam (Amsterdam on a budget)
If you ask us, each destination can be done as a luxury travel or on a budget and it is up to you, what kind of travel style you choose. People also say traveling to Dubai is super expensive, but we have already proofed it can be done on a budget as well. The same goes for Amsterdam.
It is always fun by and on the water canals (Amsterdam on a budget)
How to make traveling to Amsterdam on a budget?Cheap flightsOne thing is certain – if a travel is cheap or not, can already start from the beginning, with booking..

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