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Aberdeen-the giant market town in the north-east of Scotland

AberdeenWhere oil means more than visitors
Ah yes, Aberdeen, Scotland’s third city. The Granite City, the giant market town in the north-east of Scotland that all the little towns of Aberdeenshire look towards and whose inhabitants flock there when it’s a local holiday. Because it’s got the nearest big shops. Folk from Fraserburgh, Peterhead, Huntly…you could meet them all if you strolled down the main thoroughfare, Union Street, of a holiday Monday. No, wait a minute…that was Aberdeen in 1969.
Aberdeen streetscape Aberdeen and tourism. 1950 advertisement in city guide. (Pictured here) I found this advert in my favourite visitor guide to Aberdeen. It was published in 1950. (Click the picture of you’d like to read more of that gem of a publication.) Anyway, I assume that it was so dangerous to holiday in Aberdeen in those days that wreath makers found it advantageous to advertise here.
So what did it matter that the dual carriageway (divided highway) from the south ended on an old ..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

A Thought about Choosing Your Accommodation

What to do want from your Scottish holiday?Consider this scenario. It used to happen most years when Johanna guided private clients, often from the USA. These lovely people had their trips all planned out by agencies – with bookings made in top class hotels every time. In short, they stayed in some very fine places, you can be sure. It was Johanna’s job to get them to their stopovers. Sometimes as she dropped them at reception, they expressed surprise that Johanna left them there to go to separate accommodation.
Sometimes I rendezvoused with her, so that we would find ourselves in a small B&B (booked in advance). We’d check in, then probably wander into the town/village to find somewhere to eat. Maybe have a drink in the local hotel. Sometimes we’d find somewhere that had folk music. Sometimes we fell into conversation with a local or two.
We would even more often end up chatting to our hosts at some point. I can recall on one occasion being invited to go along and see how they cut the..

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