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The fishing town Izola in Slovenia

The fishing town Izola in Slovenia – perfect place for a year-round visit 0 By Nina Travels on January 22, 2017 Continents / Countries, Europe, Slovenia We are always surprised how little we know our own country Slovenia. In fact, giving birth to a baby boy in December, made us start exploring it a bit more intense. So far, short day trips are perfect for our little munchkin.
Izola’s coastal walk is great for families (Izola, Slovenia travel)
Enjoying the views – sea and snowy mountains at the back – stunning (Izola, Slovenia travel)
We try to avoid winter and harsh temperatures bellow zero in the inland, what always takes us to Slovenian coast. The coast might be short, but it offers some of the most picturesque coastal towns we have visited on our travels.
The coastal walk is perfect for baby strollers and cyclists (Izola, Slovenia travel)
The coastal walk has a nice playground for kids (Izola, Slovenia travel)
If we were exploring Slovenian medieval town Piran last weekend, we have ..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

The Coastal walk from Portorož to Piran, Slovenia

The Coastal walk from Portorož/Portorose to Piran/Pirano, Slovenia 0 By Nina Travels on January 16, 2017 Continents / Countries, Europe, Slovenia Ever since our baby boy Ren joined us, time started to fly even faster then before. It is hard to believe Ren is almost one month old, what was definitely a good time to do his first trip.
Yaay, we are going on a trip (Slovenia travel)
If he would be born in the summer, we would do a trip sooner, but being born in December, we wanted to have a sunny and relatively warm day to enjoy some outdoor walk with a stop for a cup of coffee under the clear blue sky.
Taking our little boy on his first trip (Slovenia travel)
We did not go far and the trip was done in Slovenia; Ren still has not got his passport. The weather forecast for the coast was looking nice and promising and that is why we decided to drive to Portorož (Portorose) and do the coastal walk to medieval town Piran (Pirano).
The coastal walk from Portorož to Piran offers beautiful views ..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

15 Beautiful Slovenian Cities That You Have Never Heard Of

Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and there are so many beautiful cities to visit. You’ve probably read why quite a few posts about why you must visit Lake Bled, however the best Slovenian cities to visit for me were the ones where we could sit back with a glass of Slovenian wine—and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. Thanks to some other bloggers and amazing readers, I’m publishing the 10 most beautiful cities that you’ve probably never heard of to inspire you to visit Slovenia! (My amazing readers gave me FIVE more in Eastern Slovenia, so keep reading for a few more reader-suggested gems!) This includes some cute Slovenian cities surrounded by vineyards, overlooking mountains, and nestled next to the sea. Keep reading for the best places to visit in Slovenia if you hate the crowds (or just love beautiful villages in europe!) Edit: It turns out that this list is focused on Western Slovenia. I've have updated the post with 5 cities in Eastern Slovenia to..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Fox reveals Short break in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Short break in Ljubljana, Slovenia Swathed in forest and surrounded by Alpine peaks, Ljubljana is green in more ways than one, finds Chris Moss, as he explores Slovenia’s newly crowned eco-capital.
The train hissed slowly into Ljubljana. On the way from Salzburg I had passed Alpine valleys melting and budding in the first sunshine of the year. It was the perfect introduction to Slovenia’s lush capital. Leaving the station, I took one of the city’s kavalirs – free electric buggies – to my hotel in the car-free city centre and breathed deeply.
The speed here was lively but not hectic, with most people either drinking on terrace cafés or strolling the banks of the Ljubljanica river. Cyclists came and went, travelling at what I call ‘European urban speed’ – considerate, kind, calm. None of your head-to-toe Lycra-clad London cyclists here.
A short walk from my hotel – Ljubljana is the size of a small town – took me under willow trees, past the statue of revered national poet France Preš..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Wanna know some interesting facts about Slovenia?

Slovenia is cool, it’s a tiny but beautiful Slavic country and people are also just as pretty and welcoming. Only these facts are the good reasons for you to come visit Slovenia, but hey why stop at these when we can show you a set of 20 interesting facts about ! Average tourist reviews are […]

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What you should not miss if you visit Ljubljana in one day

25/03/2016 16:09 Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital that many have seen in pictures ‒ a river, a castle, a historic centre and impressive churches that are the symbol of this city. The castle was destroyed by war and later rebuilt in a more contemporary style.
Ljubljana is perhaps not well known for its English tourists, though many people from other European countries travel there because of the similarities of the language in this European capital ‒ Ljubljana has a language very similar to Slovak speaking Slavic origin.
With a relaxed atmosphere and a lively youthful spirit it is definitely worth a visit to show us its charm.
Ljubljana is known for Joze Plecnik, the architect who designed several works in this important Slovenian city. But let's see what you can visit here and what attractions, and there are many, are worthy of our attention.
A tour of the capital of Slovenia
Definitely, first of all, visit Ljubljana Castle, to get to know the city. Take that clim..

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Look at Yourself and Smile in the Mirror of the Waters of Lake Bled

26/03/2016 16:21 Slovenia ‒ perhaps this is a country that is less well known though it certainly has its natural treasures that few people know ‒ it‘s worth being visited by every tourist who appreciates Europe. One of these treasures is Lake Bled, a glacial lake in the northwest of Slovenia, near the town of Bled in foothills of the Julian Alps.
Lake Bled is indeed one of the most visited tourist sites in Slovenia. What makes it especially interesting is the Island of Bled, with its Gothic church, protected by a mountain range, set among a beautiful mountain landscape and connected to the lake shores by the traditional Pletna boats.
More and more tourists travel to this place, encouraged by the good weather as well as the attractions it offers. Above all, take a romantic boat trip or go fishing in one of the best areas of Slovenia, swimming, cycling or simply walk and enjoy the beautiful environment.
It is a place to relax, where you can feel inspired or get carried away..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

Italian Touch in Slovenia. You’ll Fall in Love With Piran.

25/06/2015 23:10 You feel like you’re in Italy but you're not there. In reality you are in a different country that has so much to offer. And right there, we will continue with our travels around Europe to teach you about another corner of Europe that is worth visiting. Go there, do not just keep reading, because only then can you discover the next jewel of the Adriatic coast where many travellers return and want to return to enjoy their holidays and celebrate life.
This time we go to Slovenia, to the southwest of the country, on the Adriatic coast. And, our destination is a most beautiful city in all the Slovenian Riviera, called Piran.
Before coming to Piran you should know that you can´t enter the city by car. Only residents are allowed to do so. You have to leave your car parked outside the city in a parking area.
When you enter, the first thing that you’ll notice is the great influence of the city of Venice, because the structure of Piran is really very similar. N..

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