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Top 5 reasons to holiday in Spain

EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS: TOP 5 REASONS TO HOLIDAY IN SPAIN EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS: TOP 5 REASONS TO HOLIDAY IN SPAIN Date 18.04.2016 Article in pdf Spain is a popular tourist destination visited every year by millions of holidaymaker who come to explore the country’s heritage and nature. From stunning landscapes to great food there are tens if not hundreds of reasons why so many people love this sunny country. brings the top 5 reasons why Spain remains one of the most popular European destinations for travelers worldwide.
Heritage – The Past Meets the Present Spain is home to several historical sites that hold meaning to people all over the world. Granada’a Alhambra is Spain's most visited sight. The mosque/cathedral of Cordoba is a beautiful piece of architecture famed for its 865 column prayer hall. This landmark was first built as a mosque but interestingly, it was later converted to a church owing to its location at a special spot for Christians.
The muse..

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Getting Around Spain

Given its well-designed and prompt public transportation network and a highway system that's easy for drivers to follow, Spain is a simple destination to navigate. Nearly the entire country is covered by rail lines — some of them high-speed — and by bus routes that safely carry you between big cities and towns.
There are few difficulties to getting around Spain; if we had to pick one nuisance, it's the reduced schedules on Sundays and holidays (noted on timetables as domingos y festivos). But with the right amount of planning, even that's not such a big deal. Read on to learn more about your Spain transportation options.
The majority of international visitors arrive at Madrid's Barajas Airport or Barcelona's El Prat, both of which are less than 15 miles from the city center. Spain has dozens of international and local airports, though the best options for connections are from Madrid or Barcelona. Both are well served by national and discount airlines, inclu..

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Discovering the Cíes Islands, Galicia: Spain’s secret paradise

Europe Discovering the Cíes Islands, Galicia: Spain’s secret paradise Holly Daffurn / 24 November 25SHARESShareTweetGoogle+Pin ItStumbleBufferWith the flight being just over two hours from London, Galicia felt no distance at all, yet the landscape, culture and food were vastly different to my usual English surroundings. Santiago de Compostela, the capital of northwest Spain’s Galicia region, was a beautiful and central location to fly into and I loved exploring the city with its remarkable architecture, religious connotations, vibrant street performers and refined culture. However, it was the Western coast that showed me a whole new side of Galicia, the more intimate and hidden side with wild, windswept beaches; picturesque fishing villages and a culture steeped in tradition. It was a tough call, but for me the most beautiful side of Galicia is located just off the coast of Pontevedra in the form of a cluster of three islands known as the Cíes Islands (or Illas Cíes).
BaionaWe stayed i..

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6 reasons why Palma, Majorca makes a travel snob worthy winter destination

Europe 6 reasons why Palma, Majorca makes a travel snob worthy winter destination Becky Moore / 7 December 15SHARESShareTweetGoogle+Pin ItStumbleBufferThe Majorcan capital of Palma is having a bit of resurgence, beginning a decade ago with the arrival of its first boutique hotels and since then, Palma’s new trendy renaissance has been unstoppable. I made a return trip to the Mallorcan capital on a Jet2CityBreak in September and since my first visit (over a decade before) public buildings have been spruced up, historic façades restored, and new life has been breathed into its hotel and retail scenes. While the UK shivers in a winter’s chill, here’s why I think the capital also offers a travel snob worthy destination when its traditional peak season ends…
The fine all year round temperaturesWhile it may not be warm enough to lie on the beach, Palma enjoys a moderate climate and pretty fine weather conditions all year round so makes an ideal escape from a chilly Blighty. During the winter..

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Where to Stay in Barcelona — Best Neighborhoods and Accommodation

Where’s the best place to stay in Barcelona? I called in the experts! After writing my Where to Stay in Paris post, I was inundated with requests to do one for Barcelona, too. At the time, I grumbled, “I’m only one woman — I’m not an expert on every city in the world!”
But you know what? You really want to know. And while I’ve been to Barcelona several times, I don’t know it like I know Paris (and I can’t stand when travel bloggers write ultimate guides to places they barely know). So I hired two Barcelona experts to write the best, most detailed Barcelona accommodation guide possible: Ashley and Alex from the blog In Pursuit of Adventure.
And for the record — my personal favorite Barcelona neighborhood to stay in is Gràcia!
Take it away, guys!
The enchanting city of Barcelona is our favorite city in Europe to explore, and we love indulging in its unique culture. We’re not alone — tourists around the globe flock to this coastal Mediterranean city year-round, seeking out beaut..

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5 Incredible Reasons to go to Tenerife

Image by Philippe Teuwen via Flickr
Located in Spain’s Canary Islands, Tenerife’s rising popularity as a year-round holiday destination is only rising. That is hardly a surprise, the island is home to otherworldly volcanic landscapes, beautiful hikes through nature reserves, scenic golf courses, vibrant festivals, and beaches so picture-perfect, that turning into a beach bum is not just expected but highly encouraged. While there’s a whole lot of things to do in Tenerife, here are five incredible reasons why you’d want to go, so start planning your trip this year. After all, you don’t even have to wait for the right season!
Climb the Third Highest Volcano in the World Image by andy via Flickr
Experience the adventure of a lifetime by climbing Mt. Teide, the highest peak in Spain at 3,718m, and the third highest in the world. Drive through the jaw-dropping scenery of Corona Forestal Natural Park and into the volcanic landscape of Teide National Park. Then take a cable car to enjoy dr..

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Catalonia’s top 5 trekking routes

Catalonia’s top 5 trekking routes Catalonia’s trekking trails connect the region’s forested mountains, dramatic coastline, ancient monasteries and fishing villages. Dust off your walking boots for these 5 top hiking routes
Back to Catalonia
1: The Mediterranean Trail (GR92) Go long distance along the ‘Rugged Coast’
Camí-de-Ronda (Catalan Tourist Board)

To/from: Portbou to Ulldecona (Catalonia)
Length: 583km
Spain’s shore-hugging GR92 trail reveals every nook and cranny of the Catalan coast. Starting on the French border and tracing the sun-kissed, artist-beloved, endlessly varied shore all the way south and into Valencia province, it’s the complete coastal picture.
That picture includes buzzy resorts with intoxicating nightlife and tiny whitewashed fishing villages untouched by time (or tourists). It includes big-hitting sites, such as Tarragona’s Roman relics and Salvador Dali’s supremely surreal museum at Port Lligat. It also means diversions inland to fragrant forests and ..

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Spain Lodging: Paradors, Pensiones and More

Spain is an ideal destination for independent travelers who don't necessarily like to make hotel bookings in advance. With the exception of peak seasons, such as holidays and festivals, it's possible to just show up and find well-priced and even exceptional lodging. That's a rarity in many spots in Europe, especially large cities.
Spain also has the best-established network of historic buildings-turned-hotels, appealing wonderfully to history and architecture buffs and those seeking the bragging rights of having slept in a massive 10th-century fortress.
Regardless of which Spain lodging you choose, expect variable pricing from season to season. Note that some small properties — especially family-run ones — close in the summer or during the holidays.
Here's a look at where to stay in Spain.
Hotel quality in Spain is government-regulated, with all establishments rated on a scale of one to five stars (with five being the best). Hotels are emblazoned with a capita..

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Cordoba, a City of Dreams

09/02/2016 08:51 Spain certainly has a thousand and one magical places that will amaze you with their beauty. From north to south and from west to east the Iberian Peninsula is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between which, a maze of cultures and civilizations have left their mark across Spain’s geography.
Today we will visit an Andalusian town, situated on the Guadalquivir River. To give more clues we can say that the historic centre was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.
The cheerful character of its people, open and friendly, binds to the rich cuisine in a location offering both cultural attractions and mental relaxation that can be found only in Córdoba for a lovely weekend at any time of year.
Of course it is true that the summer is especially hot in this city, but if we decide to travel at any other time of year, we will see many possibilities to stay ‒ whether we are talking about a hotel, a hostel, an apartment or even a pr..

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