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4 Reasons to Visit Lulea, Sweden

Lulea is a city in the North of Sweden, very close to the Arctic Circle. Although far, it is a destination worth visiting, and I am going to explain why!
Yes, I’ve been to Lulea! Yes, I had a great time. And by this time you probably googled Lulea and saw that it’s really high North on the map of Sweden:

You are probably thinking that all the fun there is reserved for the winter time! No, it’s not! Let me tell you why you should visit Lulea in the summer:
The midnight sun, the never-ending day!This one goes out for the workaholics and for the romantics that can enjoy a 4 hour sunset. Also if you ever imagined how would it be if there would be no night, but never got to experience it, this is a great place to start!
I went to Lulea in the middle of July, and to be honest, the “midnight sun” is more like a very long sunset that starts around 10:30 p.m. and lingers on until around 2 a.m. To make things better, just a few minutes after that, while there is still twilight, the sky will tra..

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Hidden Places Of Europe

4 Places to visit in the Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago (do not mix up with Stockholm city), or the Skargarden, is made up by 30 000 islands. Most of them are owned by an association and they are free to explore by anyone. Some of these are private properties which are for personal relaxation or which have been transformed into holiday homes which range from cozy red wood cottages to over-the-moon villas.
Other islands have been transformed into luxurious Swedish hotels where you can totally indulge yourself. Or you can even become a free bird and camp and explore the sights of nature and roast marshmallows at night, as most of the islands are free for locals and visitors.

Both visitors and locals are glued to stay here. It is an amazing place to tour!
Are you planning to visit the Stockholm Archipelago for the first time? Here is my guide of how to visit the Archipelago and get the best out of it!
Moving aroundThere are a couple of different ways to visit the archipelago:
1 – Hop on your boat and sail to your fri..

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6 reasons why you should go to Swedish Lapland

What do you know about Lapland except for the fact that Santa Claus lives there?
Let me show you why you should consider Swedish Lapland for your next vacation!

Lapland is huge. It stretches around the Arctic Circle in the northern part of four countries: Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
I have had a chance to see the breathtakingly beautiful region from the Swedish side. And now I want to share my experience with you.
It is the home of Europe’s last wildness and untouched nature.
Watch this video, this is what you will see when you visit Swedish Lapland:
And if you are thinking that it’s always cold there, let me show you these beautiful pictures from when I visited Northern Sweden in July! This will change your mind.

I have done some incredible things, and these are my recommendations for things to do in Swedish Lapland:
1. Ain’t no mountain high enough
First things first – I flew to the North of Sweden to a city called Hemavan Tarnaby. It is just about 100 km from the Arctic Ci..

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Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland: Into the Wilderness

The ferocious howls pierced through the quiet forest air. The large huskies surrounded us, sniffing and howling restlessly. I felt a peculiar dryness in…
The post Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland: Into the Wilderness appeared first on The Boho Chica.

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Hidden Places Of Europe

8 things you must do in Sweden

8 things you must do in Sweden 10th January 2017
From ice skating on lakes in the east of Sweden to tucking into a seafood feast in the west. Swedish Adelina Storkaas reveals hidden gems, local activities and traditions that you won’t want to miss
1: Ride through history on two wheels Cyclists in Gotland (Michael Jonsson)
Sweden's biggest island, Gotland is known as ’the Island of churches’, with approximately 100 medieval churches spread around the island. In northern Europe, you wont find a place with more churches from the Middle Ages in such a small area. Today, they're open for visitors over the summer months, from mid-May to late August.
Stone ship settings, the remains of hilltop fortresses and burial mounds, as well as UNESCO’s first World Heritage Site — Visby’s city wall with church ruins and more than 40 towers — can all also be found on the island. 'Treasure island' is another name Gotland goes by and it is no wonder why.
One of the most fun ways..

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