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Travel & Explore Europe part 3

Every year many people flock to Europe to enjoy the majesty and to explore this
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 2

Europe is a place of endless discoveries, perfect for group adventure and solitary walks, ideal
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Travel & Explore Europe Part 1

Travelling through Europe is like travelling through a plethora of adventures, every country you come
Hints & Tips, Independent Traveler

Which Travel Clothes Are Worth the Money?

If all you knew about traveling was what you saw on dedicated travel gear sites
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Best Hidden Beaches around Europe

Beaches are one of the most popular vacation spots for most people, where they can
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The world’s 7 most unusual Christmas markets

Whether they involve floating on rivers, shooting arrows at patron’s bums or celebrating a strange,
Hints & Tips, Walking and trecking

10 spectacular waterfalls you’ve probably never heard of

They might not have big time name recognition like Niagara or Victoria Falls, but these
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The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas abroad

Christmas abroad often means missing friends and family. But it also means the sunshine, adventure,
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The Healing Power of travel

We talk a lot on this site about how to travel, where to travel and
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10 Tips for Holiday Travel

Planning to visit Grandma’s for Thanksgiving or spend Christmas in Rome? Traveling over the holidays
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11 Ways to Salvage a Trip if You Get Sick

Getting sick while traveling probably comes with the gig. Between last-minute stress before we leave,
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The world’s 9 best Christmas markets (that aren’t in Germany)

Bright, festive and a lot of fun, these 9 fabulous markets from around the world
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7 alternative European winter city breaks that are cosy and affordable

Cosy and compact, packed with things to do, and offering all kinds of seasonal treats
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Building a Travel Wardrobe

I am ready to admit that I don’t have any fashion sense to speak of.
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7 adventure holidays your kids will love

Forget the flop and drop. These exciting family adventures are guaranteed to keep the kids