Make Your Romantic Overseas Getaway Memorable

Make Your Romantic Overseas Getaway Memorable

Taking your sweetheart across international borders is a bold step and is romantic in and of itself. However, you want to make sure that the trip doesn’t turn into a bust. Being unprepared can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare fairly quickly. Whether you’re planning this trip for a honeymoon, engagement or just a couple’s getaway, you’ll find these tips helpful in ensuring that your vacation is memorable — in a good way.

Plan Out Your Itinerary Thoroughly

Once you get to your destination, what do you plan to do with your honey? Simply booking the tickets and then hoping for the best leaves you with too many unanswered questions. To avoid a bumpy road ahead, you can smooth things out by knowing exactly what you will do, where you will go, what you’ll eat and where you’ll sleep. Every little detail doesn’t need to be planned in advance, but just the important ones. Leaving a little room for spontaneity is always good.(Image by Peter Lee)


Look for Things to Do that Interests Your Mate

This trip is for the both of you, so don’t just choose things to do that you would enjoy. By now, you should know the things your significant other enjoys and likes, and if not, ask. Then plan your trip around both of your interests. Everyone will have a good time and memories will be made that can be cherished for years to come.

Have a Form of Reliable Transportation

Depending on where you’re going in the world, you may not always have access to reliable transportation. This is especially so in certain third world countries. Even in the first world destinations, certain seasons can make traveling using public transportation a headache. Finding rides can be fairly difficult. One way to counter this is to have your own. You can use Fox Rent a Car to rent a vehicle for the duration of your trip, or just on the days you need to get around.(Image by J)

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