The Best Reasons Why You should Spend a Weekend in Rome

The Best Reasons Why You should Spend a Weekend in Rome

Every traveller has his own reason for choosing a vacation or for spending a few days in some interesting place. If we travel frequently or plan our travels occasionally, we always have to have a reason to keep travelling. Some travellers love to discover, others just want to relax; there are travellers who need a change of country, while others have interest in other cultures and are a little curious how people live in these more or less famous places.

Sometimes we choose the destination of our travels across Europe looking at specific conditions that should be realised if we want to spend a nice vacation and go home full of memories and satisfaction, and not only in the form of photographs. A good choice of destination of our trips, whether they are short or long, is a very important aspect and we should devote some time to it. We would like to help you, and if you’re still planning your trip or you think we could convince you, read a little more; maybe you’ll find just what you need.

This time we travel to Italy and we will discover its capital – Rome, with a plan of practical, useful and interesting things that might encourage you to choose this romantic city as your next destination where you will spend some unforgettable moments of your life.

1. The journey does not take long time and is quite economical
From several locations in Europe you can enjoy a very economical rate of flights to Rome. These will transport you fast and comfortably, letting you enjoy the Italian city as soon as possible. Low cost airlines will help your dream come true without parting with too much money so you can save for other things. Whether you choose to travel now or later, you’ll surely find a very reasonable price. Then why waste more time? Start travelling now!

2. Enter the national museums and monuments FREE
This information can serve as a great help if you are interested in the world of museums and admire the monuments that Rome has to offer. But be well prepared, because this opportunity is offered only on the first Sunday of each month. So plan well to be able to enjoy the most from your trip.

3. Rome’s most famous treasures are now at your disposal. Enjoy them!
Take a photo of yourself in the Trevi Fountain. During the day or at night when nicely lit it has a romantic look. Take a coin to throw into the water and make a wish like all those who did the same before. Maybe you will be granted fulfilment of the myth.

Stand in the middle of all the noise and hustle and bustle in Rome’s most famous square Piazza di Spagna with its famous Spanish Steps.

Don´t miss a great symbol of Rome. Admire the beauty of the Colosseum in Rome where only here you have the possibility to see the majesty of the Roman amphitheatre.

Walk the Roman Forum; be aware of all the attractions it offers. Temples, basilicas and more help you get back to old times.

4. Discover the city by scooter. With this famous motorcycle it will be more fun.
Do not hesitate, rent a scooter. No matter if you are alone or with a partner. Drive through the narrow, so typical Italian streets and observe everything from the transport vehicle so iconic and typical in Italy. You’ll have fun and forget all your troubles. It’s really highly recommendable.

5. You will fall in love with the Vatican. Whether you’re a Catholic or not.
In Rome you can visit one of the smallest countries in the world. And that is not offered every day, so why shouldn´t you utilise the opportunity. You can see St Peter’s Square with the Basilica and the dome where you get the best views of the city of Rome.

The Vatican´s Museums will teach you pure art and you can choose among many according to your taste. The Sistine Chapel offers the impressive features of Renaissance artists like Michelangelo, Bernini and Botticelli.

6. Fashion, famous names and shopping
Go through the Via Condotti from the Piazza di Spagna and enjoy the best shopping. Dive into the paradise of famous brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani and others.

7. The best pizza is in Italy
Everywhere you can try them, but the best, with the truly original flavour, are only to be found in Italy. Take advantage and taste. There are lots of types. What type will you choose?

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